Chan Evon

TCSC Presidential Candidate

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Born to Listen,
Born to Voice

I am just a normal person that believe in democrasy, hence I believe everyone's voice should be heard.

On the first day of orientation when our immediate past president spoke about student council, I am very certain that I wanted to join in order to prioritize the welfare of Taylor's College students.

My mission is to give back to Taylor's College students in terms of organising events that is free or affordable for students, without comprimising quality and fun. At the same time, I want to ensure that the voice from each program has the same magnitude and TCSC is in good hands.


  • Represented SACEi in Student Staff Consultative Commitee Meeting Meeting.
  • Helped collected more than 900 voices from students.
  • Fixed 2 problems in Taylor's by voicing (New lab chairs and suggesting changing E5 classes to X-Spaces)


Building a culture of 'We'

I genuinely believe that all college programs should have an equal voice.







As the Director of Student Welfare for TCSC, my team and I strive to get your voice heard.



Voices Collected Via Survey Forms
Voice An Opinion


From all across campus, from program directors to presidents of clubs, these are their voices.

Student Welfare Milestones

These are some of the contributions that I have made for a better welfare for all Taylor's College Students.

3 April 2019

Social Vibes - Organizing Chairperson

Social Vibes was organized to help March 2019 intake students to get to know more people and get used to the new campus life in Taylor's College.

26 April 2019

Student Staff Consultative Commitee Meeting Meeting - SACEi Representative

Voiced on behalf of SACEi for a better campus life.

29 April 2019

Director of Student Welfare

After the BOD Election by TCSC, I became the Director of Student Welfare to further achieve my goals into increasing student welfare.

22 June 2019

Bus Survey & Library Hours Survey

My team and I gathered data to combine the voices of Taylor's so that there is a stronger voice for a practical change. We are currently trying to convince the Management.

26 July 2019

Lab Chairs Assessment

My team and I tested the lab chairs to ensure that they are comfortable and suitable for Taylor's Students.

Why You Should Vote

There are many reasons of why you should vote. Whether it is for me or for others, you deserve to voice for a better future in Taylor's College.


For Taylor's


Giveback Events


Equal Voices

As a Taylorian, I encourage everyone to vote and it doesn't have to be me. Make 2019 your year by voting who's true to your heart. Let's not miss the opportunity to do it for Taylor's and for yourself.


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Voice Your Opinion

I believe voicing your opinion is the first step to a better student life. I promise to try my best to solve them if I win.